lunes, 28 de octubre de 2013

...Panellets 2.0

Se acerca la Castañada, Halloween para otros. Así que no podía faltar un segundo intento de hacer panellets. Pero esta vez algo diferentes. Una amiga, su hijo y yo, nos pusimos manos a la obra en un intento de mezclar las dos fiestas. 
¿La receta? La misma que para hacer los típicos panellets. Lo único diferente, el colorante alimenticio y la forma del pastelito. 

Un amigo me ha pedido la traducción en inglés, ¡así que ahí va! 
(Igual no está todo bien dicho..., pero se aceptan correcciones)

The "Castañada" is a day like Halloween here in Cataluña. The difference is that we don't get dressed (well... nowadays we copy a little the American Party, so everything is a mix). So, that day we eat chestnuts and "panellets" (they don't have translation). 
That's what you need to make 35 (more or less) "panellets":

- 250g powdered almonds.
- 200g sugar
- 150g potatoe
- Lemon zest
- One egg

To decorate: 
- 80g  raw pine nut 
- 125g grated coconut
- 125g chopped almonds (in small pieces)

How to prepare?

1. Boil the potatoes with the skin. Then, while they are still warm, remove the skin and smash them to make purée.
2. Mix the purée with the sugar, powdered almonds and the lemon zest with a spoon first, then with the hands. 
3. In another side, take the egg and carefully separate the yellow (yolk) from the white part. 
4. Make small balls with the mix. Paint every ball with the egg white and put the raw pine nut, or the coconut or the chopped almonds around every ball, as you want. 
5. Put every ball in the baking sheet, and paint them (just a lillte in the top of the balls)  with the yolk.
6. Cook them in the oven durint 8 minutes with a high temperature (250º).

That's the traditional way to do them, if you want to give them diferent colors just buy food coloring. And then shape them as you want! :D